Frequently Asked Questions

The most commonly asked questions and answers

Where are the houses located?

Our houses are on the outskirts of Sydney’s central business district, in quiet and leafy suburban streets, only minutes from public transport and local shopping facilities and for about 20-30 minutes of average travel time from the heart of the city.

Who lives in the houses?

International students from all over the world, who study in Australia. If you want to know more about where our students are from, check out our Facebook page, where we regularly post the nationality mix of our houses.

What is the difference between the houses?

The only difference between the houses is their location and the number of rooms they have. All of our houses are completely furnished and equipped with everything that one would need to feel safe and comfortable in a share accommodation.

What is the difference between the rooms?

We have single rooms and shared twin rooms. There are no other major differences.

Is it possible to lock the rooms?

Yes, it is. Only you and the management have keys to the rooms.

Is there Internet access in the houses?

Yes, we provide free WiFi for all our tenants.

Is there a washing machine in the houses?

Yes, there is a washing machine in all of our apartments. The tenants buy the detergent for themselves.

What are the rooms equipped with?

Our rooms are furnished in a way so that you can feel at home from the first day. They are equipped with a bed, freshly washed linen, quilt and pillow, a bedside table, a wardrobe, a dresser, and a desk with a chair.

Do I need to pay for the bedding?

No, the bedding is included.

What is the kitchen equipped with?

All of our kitchens are equipped with a fridge, a microwave, a stove and all other kitchen essentials.

Are there plates, cups and mugs in the kitchen as well?

Of course. We provide all our tenants with their own plate, mug and cutlery. They can be distinguished by engraved numbers.

What happens if I would like to move from one house to another?

In case there is a vacancy and your moving is reasonable, we can arrange it.

When should I book the room?

You can book any time.

How can I book the accommodation?

First you should fill out the booking form on our website and we will contact You shortly via email.

When will my booking be confirmed?

We confirm bookings right away, but they become official only after the deposit is paid. We can guarantee a certain house only 2 weeks before you arrive, since the notice period of our tenants is two weeks.

Is there a minimum length of time for staying?

Yes, the minimum stay is usually four weeks, but sometimes we can accept guests for shorter periods depending on availability.

What is the language of booking?


Will I sign a contract with StudentStay Australia if I decide to move in?

Yes, we sign a formal contract with all our tenants, which states both their rights and obligations.

When do we sign the rental agreement?

We prefer to sign the rental agreement prior to arrival, but no later than within 1 working day after arrival.

How much is the rent in the student houses of StudentStay Australia?

We offer accommodation from 230 AUD/week (conditions apply).

Does the weekly rent include utility costs?

Yes, it includes all standard utilities, like gas, electricity, water and Internet.

How can I pay?

Via bank transfer or in cash in our office (604B/32 York Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia).

When do I have to pay?

You must pay weekly and in advance.

Do I have to pay for the heating?

In case you need it, we can provide heaters in winter for no additional costs, but conditions of responsible use apply.

What shall I take with me?

Only those things that are important for your personal needs and you would take with you on a longer holiday as well. Our houses are completely furnished and equipped with everything one needs for everyday life.
The number and weight of the luggage you can take with you on the plane can vary depending on the airline you are travelling with. We recommend you find out this information from the airline you purchased your ticket from.

How can I get to the accommodation from the airport?

If you book accommodation in our houses, you can request an airport transfer, which means that a member of our team will be waiting for You at the airport in Sydney holding a sign with your name on it. For more information click here.

When do I need to arrive at the accommodation if I do not request an Airport Pick-up?

If we have not discussed a different time, then we ask You to meet us at your accommodation 2 hours after landing in Sydney. Please do not go sightseeing or to the beach, as that will be much more comfortable without your luggage later on. We will monitor your flight, so we will know exactly when you have landed and we will be waiting for You at the house.

How long will it take to get to my school from the accommodation?

Most schools are in the city centre, a maximum of 30 minutes away from the accommodations by public transport.

Is there public transportation at night?

Yes, buses are in service during the night as well.

I am 17 years old. Can I book accommodation at StudentStay Australia?

We are really sorry, but we do not accept tenants under 18 years of age.

How can I get to the accommodation from the airport?

If you book accommodation in our houses, you can request an airport transfer, which means that a member of our team will be waiting for You at the airport in Sydney holding a sign with your name on it. He or she will drive You to your accommodation.

Who will be waiting for me at the airport?

StudentStay Australia is proud to say that our team members pick up our tenants at the airport personally.

How are we going to find each other at the airport?

Our colleague will be waiting for you at the Meeting Point of the airport in Sydney, which is located after Baggage Claim, between A and B Exit. If you arrive from Exit A, you need to go left, and if you arrive from Exit B you need to go right to the Meeting Point. You can find a map here.

How will we recognise each other at the airport?

We will be waiting for you at the Meeting Point holding a sign with your name on it.

What should I do if my flight is delayed?

You don’t have to do anything, we will monitor your arrival based on your flight number.

What should I do if I can not find the representative of StudentStay Australia at the Meeting Point when I arrive?

Do not panic and stay at the Meeting Point. We are going to be there shortly.

How long does it take to get to the accommodation from the airport?

You can expect a 20 to 25-minute drive depending on traffic.

When will the driver arrive at the Meeting Point?

One of our team members will be at the Meeting Point a maximum of 90 minutes after the landing of your plane, but we are usually there 60 minutes after landing.

Why does the driver arrive so much later than my plane?

In Australia there are strict control procedures for international flights, so you will most probably need at least one hour to get through controls and find all your luggage.

Can I smoke a cigarette before going to the Meeting Point?

Under no circumstances. After collecting your luggage, you should come straight to the Meeting Point.

Can I go use the toilet at least?

Of course. You will find the toilets at the Meeting Point.

Can I stop to buy an Australian SIM card before going to the Meeting Point?

On no account. Come straight to the Meeting Point. You can buy an Australian SIM card from our driver as well.

What should I do if I miss my flight?

In that case please try to inform us on the following phone number: +61 406 88 77 66 via SMS, Viber or What’s up. Do not forget to write your full name and your new flight number so we can monitor your arrival.

What should I do if I don’t have an Australian phone number and I would like to contact you from the airport?

On the airport you can find public telephones, or you can use the free WiFi to send us a message.

What should I do if my luggage is lost?

Come to the Meeting Point and we will help you fill out the necessary papers.

Can you help if I have oversized luggage like a surfboard or a bicycle?

Please inform us in advance about your oversized luggage and we will discuss the possibilities.

Can you drop me off at the airport when I go home?

Sure. The charge of the Airport Drop-off is the same as the fee of the Airport Pick-up.

Why should I choose the Airport transfer service of StudentStay Australia?

Choosing our Airport Pick-up service will get you to your accommodation cheaper than Uber or taxi and faster and easier than public transport. In addition, you will be able to get to know one of our team members at once and they will be able to answer all your questions about Sydney and your accommodation, too.

Why should I purchase an Australian SIM card?

In Australia free WiFi is not that common yet and the free Internet is usually slow and can be used for a limited time only and sometimes it is not even secure. That is why we recommend everybody, who is visiting Australia, use an Australian SIM card with mobile data services. There is no need to explain why you would need Internet access as it is quite hard to find your way in an unfamiliar city without it.

What kind of Australian SIM card should I choose?

We recommend Prepaid plans, because they can be extended or cancelled any time.

Where can I buy an Australian SIM card?

We have good news, you can purchase your own Australian SIM card from us.

Do you recommend Prepaid or Postpaid mobile plans?

Our SIM cards are all Prepaid, this way you can cancel or switch to a different package any time you want. The included data and call credit can be used within 30 days after activation. If you opt for auto recharge, you don’t have to worry about forgetting to recharge it, plus you even get some bonus data in return.

Should I buy an Australian SIM card if I only visit Australia for a couple of weeks?

We recommend everybody, who is visiting Australia, to have their own Australian SIM card, because that way they can make phone calls and have Internet access at low cost. Prepaid packages are especially useful for short trips, as you only need to charge it with the amount of data you actually need.

What is included in the Australian SIM card packages?

All of our SIM packages include mobile data, international call credit and unlimited calls and text messages inside Australia.

What kind of Australian SIM card packages do you recommend and how much data is included?

You can choose from four different kind of packages and all of them have unlimited domestic calls and text.

  • START plan – 14.90 AUD/month: 3 GB data; $3 international call credit
  • CLASSIC plan – 29.90 AUD/month: 36 GB data first month, unlimited phone calls to 15 countries; $5 international call credit
  • STANDARD plan – 39,90 AUD/month: 50 GB data first month; unlimited phone calls to 18 countries; $10 international call credit
  • LARGE plan – 49,90 AUD/month: 68 GB data first month; unlimited phone calls to more than 50 countries; $10 international call credit

For more information click here.

What are the call rates?

Domestic calls (in Australia) are free. In addition, our packages have a list of countries you can call for free. For other international calls you can use your call credit. For more information about call rates to a specific country please contact us.

Which countries can I call for free?

The question is simple but the answer is a little bit more complicated. We can generally say, that the bigger package you choose, the more countries you will be able to call for free. You can find the list of countries here.

Where can I receive my Australian SIM card?

You have a few options to choose from:

  • In our office in Sydney (604B/32 York Street, Sydney, NSW, 2000, Australia).
  • At the student accommodations of StudentStay Australia.
  • Or if you have requested an Airport Pick-up, you can receive your new SIM card from our driver right after you arrive.

When will I know my new Australian phone number?

We can tell you your new number as soon as you order your Australian SIM card, so you can send it to your friends and family even before you leave. Plus, if you start applying for jobs, you can put your new Australian number on your CV as well.

I am leaving Australia for a longer time. Is my number going to be active when I get back?

Your number remains valid for 3 months after the last recharge. In these three months you can still take phone calls with it.
If you leave the country for a longer time and want to keep your number, you need to load $10 of call credit onto it. This way it will remain active for one whole year. If you do not recharge it again, it will be cancelled.

How can I activate my Australian SIM card?

You don’t have to worry about that. If you purchase your Australian SIM card from us, we will arrange the activation for You. It is best to activate when you arrive, because that is when the 30 days start, but we will activate whenever you like.

If I run out of data is it going to stop working completely?

Yes, if you run out of data, unfortunately you can’t use it any more, but you can buy extra data through SMS. You will be forewarned when 50%, 85% and 100% of your data is gone.

How can I recharge my Australian SIM card?

If you run out of data or call credit you can simply recharge it in any bigger grocery store, gas station or via SMS or Internet.

How much is it if I want to buy extra data or call credit?

500 MB of extra data costs $5, you get 1.5 GB for $10 and 5 GB is $25. The minimum amount of call credit you can buy is $5, and you will be able to use as much as you upload.

How do I know that my phone will work with an Australian SIM card?

It will work as long as your phone is not carrier locked.

How do I know that the Australian SIM card will fit into my phone?

Our SIM cards come in all three of the widely used sizes (Standard, Micro, Nano).

Why should I choose to purchase my Australian SIM card from StudentStay Australia?

From us you can receive your new SIM card without waiting in a line or comparing dozens of different packages. We can tell you your new number in advance. You can choose where you want to receive it. And we can assure you that the service works well and is reliable. In addition, if you have any problems while using it, we can certainly help You.

Is it allowed to smoke in the houses?

It is forbidden to smoke in the houses. You can only smoke in the areas assigned for this purpose, after consulting the other tenants and the management.

Can I have a pet?

Unfortunately, pets are not allowed.

Who cleans the houses?

You and all the other tenants of the house. The management prepares the cleaning schedule every week, dividing the tasks among the tenants.

Where can I get cleaning products?

StudentStay Australia provides all the essential cleaning products for the tenants. We do not provide toiletries or laundry detergent.

Should I collect the waste selectively?

Yes. In the yellow bin we collect paper, cardboard, milk and juice containers, aluminium and steel cans and trays, plastic containers and glass bottles and jars. Unrecyclable waste goes into the red bin.

Can my friends or relatives visit me at the accommodation?

You can have guests over between 10 am and 6 pm, but always consider the comfort and peace of the other tenants.

Can my friends or relatives stay overnight at my place?

Depending on vacancies your friends and family members can book accommodation in our houses, too. If their stay is shorter than four weeks, you must ask permission from the management and from the other tents as well. Additional fees may apply.

What rules ensure my undisturbed peace at night?

After 9 pm everyone has to be quiet in the house and the yard in order to let the others rest.

How can I move out?

The notice period is two weeks, that means you need to let us know you are moving out 2 weeks in advance. If you do not want to pay rent for the day you are moving out on, you need to leave the house before 11 am.

What are the moving out procedures?

When moving out you have to clean your room and empty your shelf in the kitchen and in the fridge as well. Do not leave any belongings or garbage behind you. Wash your sheets and bedding the morning you move out and leave your keys in your room.