StudentStay Australia has been welcoming international students in Sydney from all over the world for more than 10 years. If You are thinking about choosing our student residences, then this is the page for You: here you can read what our tenants have written about StudentStay Australia.

I have lived in Burwood for 3 months. Burwood is a nice city. There are 2 supermarkets, a shopping center, pharmacy and cinema. This area is very quiet and safe. I recommend it to everyone.

I have chosen Australia to spend my holidays and I am having an amazing experience! And I am sure this experience has been so good because I had the support of special people who I have met here! One of them was the StudentStay team, I had great experience with this accommodation company. When I explained them my short term plans here and what type of residence I was looking for, they offered me to change to Maroubra`s house and they were super helpful facilitating the change and also helped me with the transfer.

I am living in Maroubra now in a wonderful, spacious house, close to the beach, including amazing housemates from different nationalities so I can practice my English even more.

An incredible experience!!

Thank you all!
Thank you, Australia

Student Stay Australia is a good place to stay in Sydney. My experience from the Marrickville house has showed me that there is a great organization with cleaning tasks and freedom to welcome friends whenever necessary. There is a strict maintenance routine in order for the house to be in good condition and it is especially well located. 

My experience in Marrickville house has been very pleasant, I highly recommend it!

StudentStay Australia was my first home in Australia. I stayed 3 months in their house in Maroubra and I really liked it. I met lot of people from different parts of the world. The bus stop was just in front of the house so I could easily access the city and the beach was only 10 minutes walk from the house so I could enjoy my morning jogging on the beach almost every day. I would recommend StudentStay Australia to everyone who is new in Sydney.

I had a great time in StudentStay.  Great location - it takes around 30mins to go to Sydney CBD. There is a swimming pool as well, strongly recommended :)

I stayed in Strathfield for only a week, however I had a great time there. I spent my time with lovely housemates, also the room is clean and tidy. I'll never forget my friends who I met in Strathfield.

The accommodation in Maroubra is nice and it is close to the bus stop and supermarkets. The house is a 15-minute walk to the beach where you can have bbq with your friends. I enjoyed my stay there.

Hi, I’m Takayuki from Japan. I have been living in Marrickville for 3 months. Firstly, the location is very convenient because the house is only 2 minutes walk to the nearest train station and the house is also situated close to a supermarket. Furthermore, people who are living in the house are very kind and friendly, that is the main reason why I would like to stay here longer. The staff is helpful and friendly, too, so I would like to recommend this accommodation in Marrickville to everyone, who is looking for a place to stay in Sydney.

When I came to Australia I couldn’t speak English very well. But here I have met very kind housemates and roommates who have helped me improve. The house is quiet, so I can focus on studying English. I am very grateful to this company, I have learned a lot during my stay so far.

We are a couple from Slovenia and we stayed in the house of StudentStay Australia in Maroubra. The location was perfect: close to shops, the beach and transport to CBD. This was our first experience in a shared house and we loved it because of the accommodation itself and our awesome housemates. The staff was very friendly, helpful and responsive to our every need. It really was an unforgettable experience for us and we would highly recommend StudentStay Australia to everyone!

I would recommend StudentStay Australia for everybody, who is new in Australia. You will make many friends right off the bat from different countries and you will never feel alone. The place, where I live, is very quiet, close to the train station and the mall with many shops. It is very convenient. The room is big enough and fits two people perfectly.

Hi, I have been in a StudentStay accommodation in Maroubra for about a month. The house is near the beach and also in a walking distance from lots of commercial places and two shopping malls. I live on the second floor and all the flatmates are really nice, friendly and kind along with the staff, who have helped me and answered all my questions. Iveta really helped me these past days and also Csaba who gave me really good advice on finding employment.

Hello! I am Maria Kataeva from Russia (Yekaterinburg). I came to Sydney to study English at AICE and I stayed in Marrickville with StudentStay Australia for 8 weeks. I would like to share my impression about this student residence. First of all, it’s situated very close to a train station and it takes quite fast, just 15 minutes, to go to the city centre, very convenient! Despite being very close to a train station, our house is very peaceful, there is no noise at all! My room was very cozy and comfortable, with new furniture and clean bed linen.
All the property staff is extremely responsible, organized, accurate and polite. They react and resolve all problems very fast and productive. About my flatmates: all of them were students under 30, from different countries. We all got along very well because everybody was friendly and helpful. We had dinner together every evening in our lovely dining room and talked and discussed life a lot. During weekends we went out together. So, I can say I have found a lot of friends and had a good opportunity to pick up and improve my English.  If I have a chance to come back to Sydney I will definitely stay there again, and I will recommend StudentStay Australia’s accommodation to my friends as well! Thank you for your hospitality!

I arrived one month ago, and I feel good here. I know that when I need something StudentStay always helps me. Only great and friendly people live in this house.

I am living in the house of StudentStay Australia in Maroubra for the second time. The house has a very good location because it is located near the beach and shops. Express bus stops right in front of the house, so getting to the city is very simple. During my stay, I have met many people from different parts of the world which helped me to improve my English and learn more about different cultures and customs of other nations.

I have met many nice people, and the accommodation was very comfortable. The staff is always aware of your needs. Pleasant environment to meet new people.

It has been almost two months since I moved to this student accommodation and I am very satisfied to live here. All housemates are students, so we often study together and after the hard days of examination we enjoy having a home party. When you have some problems about the house, the staff always helps you immediately. I am very happy to be able to live in this great place!

I have been living in Marrickville since May and I really like it. The location is perfect, the train station is very close and there are many supermarkets nearby the house. I have met lot of people from different countries which helps me to improve my English. Iveta is always here to help me.

In this share house in Ashfield I can interact with people of various nationalities. People living here are so nice! Yesterday we celebrated one of our flatmate's birthday. Everyone was very kind and funny.

StudentStay Australia is a good choice for international students, since the house is well-organised and in a good location (only a stone's throw to the train station and the market) and pretty close to the city.
The landlord is super nice and cares about the tenants and the cleanliness of the house. Affordable price for a single or twin room, and a good place to make new friends.

I am having fun living in a share house in Ashfield. I am sharing my room with one lovely Chinese girl. There are only nice people living in my unit and in the whole house. The location of the house is very convenient as the Ashfield mall is just across the street, literally less than a 1-minute walk from the house. The train station is also very close to the house and it takes 15 minutes to get to the CBD. I have met a lot of different cultures and nationalities which is good to practice and improve my English.

I just have good things to say about StudentStay Australia! I arrived in Sydney and in my new house in December/2017 and I will stay for another 2 years. The management is simply lovely, they are always willing to help me and solve any problem. The house is in a great location, 7 min from the train station, close to bus stops, markets, shopping and restaurants. I only have compliments and thanks to the whole team. Thank you for everything!!

I have stayed in Maroubra for one month. Everyone was so kind, and I had a good time there. The house is near Maroubra Beach where I enjoyed running. Thank you so much!

I've been living in Ashfield for almost a month and couldn't have a better first home in Sydney! The neighbourhood for me is just perfect! Ashfield Mall, train station and some other facilities up to 5 minutes walking. My flatmates are from different places and we have a good friendship as well as with the management who is attentive to our needs. I definitely recommend this company!

Hi, I have been in Australia for about a month now since I arrived. The weather in Australia is so beautiful. My accommodation is two stories and near the Maroubra beach. I’m living on the second floor with a lovely Brazilian girl. All the flatmates are really nice, friendly and kind. I’m really enjoying the Australian life! People who are in pictures are my classmates. A lot of nationalities and you can feel different culture from them. I’m really happy to be in Australia!! I would like to challenge a lot of things here!!

Living in Ashfield is more convenient than I thought: It is quite close to the train station and big supermarkets! Besides, I met a lot of friends from all over the world. The tenants and staff are all nice.

I’m living at StudentStay’s accommodation since I first came to Australia. It is located near the station, shopping mall and in a quiet place. The staff is kind, so they tell us everything politely. There are many people of different countries in this accommodation, so we can practice speaking English! I’m happy to be able to live in this amazing place!!

Hi, my name is Fabiola and I arrived in Australia 2 months ago. I’m living in Marrickville, Sydney. This city is amazing! StudentStay has really nice accommodation: my flatmates are very good people, the location is wonderful, and the managers are always ready to help you when you need it. I recommend this company if you want a comfortable house to live in.

I've lived in Sydney for 4 months as a student. In this house I had the opportunity to get to know different people from different countries and cultures. This was a very good experience.

I am living with StudentStay Australia since my first day in Australia. Never had a problem, my place is quiet sharehouse in Ashfield. Very convenient place, close to station, CBD, Ashfield mall. The owners and management are always so kind. It is a good experience in how to meet different cultures and friends. I would recommend this company to everybody.

I've been living in this accommodation for 2 months, and am very happy living here. It takes less than 10mins on foot from Ashfield station. And on your way to this accommodation from the station, there is a convenient mall which is including some pharmacy and supermarket etc.

I thought that I gonna stay here for 2 weeks, I changed my mind after realize that I couldn’t find a better place. Here is restful and quiet place. 17 minutes to CBD by train. 5 minutes walking to Ashfield station. Good option for who need a peaceful place to study.

I really recommend StudentStay Australia for accommodation, because houses are near to shopping centres and they are in very good condition. Staff are taking care of houses, they are always innovating something, and they are very kind. :) Ever since I got to Australia I'm with them and I'm really satisfied and find no reason to change my accommodation.

Hello, I’m Tamio and I’m from Germany. I was living in Maroubra with my Brazilian girlfriend for a few weeks. The beach is amazing, lovely housemates and neighbours. The house is big, have a lovely space outside where you can relax and tan. There are stores and restaurants pretty close to the house, the bus stop is in front of the house so it’s really easy to go to the city if you are a student. (The $2 big Coles Express coffee from the gas station is nice.)

StudentStay has been my home for the last 6 months and it has been amazing. The staff are super helpful and accommodating. Best decision I made when I moved here. Also living in StudentStay makes you feel like you are in an international house as now I have friends from all over the world.