• Number of beds: 10
  • Number of bathrooms: 2
  • Distance from city centre: 8.3 km; 16 min
  • Distance from public transport: 0.2 km; 2 min
  • Distance from shops: 0.6 km; 8 min

Marrickville has a multicultural atmosphere owing to its rich and variable history. The city centre is 8 kilometres away and easy to reach by train or bus within 15 minutes. The inhabitants of this suburb enjoy a wide range of choices of affordable restaurants, friendly and cosy cafés. It is easy to find almost anything in the surrounding shopping centres, markets and smaller shops. Marrickville is a relatively big suburb with huge green parks, playgrounds and a swimming pool, making life enjoyable for those who live here.

The Marrickville house is tucked away in a quiet side street just 2 minutes from the train station. The 4 bedroom 2 bathroom main house and a separate 2 bedroom unit ensures privacy and separation for those who wish for a secluded and peaceful living, in a location that is very close to the city and all necessary amenities.

The variable national and cultural environment will make those feel good in Marrickville who wish to be involved in the intensive artistic community of this area.