Sydney is Australia’s biggest, oldest and best-known city, its population is 5 million people. Many think that Sydney is the capital of Australia, but that title belongs to Canberra.
Sydney is a constantly evolving metropolis filled with life. More and more international students choose Sydney as their second home every year. In this immensely diverse city everyone can find interesting programs or student events that suit their taste.


Sydney has exceptional geographical features. It was built around two huge bays with articulated coasts that are perfect for shipping and trade. It is the world's largest natural harbour.
East of Sydney is the Pacific Ocean, while westwards rises the gorgeous Blue Mountains, which is an exceptional location for hiking, rock climbing or even skiing.


Are you surprised to hear, that you can ski in Australia? Well, yes. Even though many people believe, that in Australia it’s always hot, in the high-lying areas it snows in winter: in June, July and August. (If you happen to live in the Northern Hemisphere, that might sound odd as well.)
The climate of Sydney is humid subtropical, which means that the winters are mild, the temperature almost never drops under 5°C, and the summers are warm, but not unbearably hot. On average there are 15 days a year when the temperature reaches 30°C in the Central Business District of Sydney. And we can promise you that in the summer it is almost always good enough weather to enjoy the beach.

Culture and free time

Sydney is not only the centre of Australian economy, but the centre of cultural life as well. The city is full of theatres, museums and parks and there are always various cultural programs and events going on.

Maybe the most significant among the city’s many museums, galleries and collections are the Museum of Sydney, the Australian Museum, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and the New South Wales Art Gallery. Street art also has an important role in Sydney. The city is decorated with a lot of extraordinary buildings and statues and we can only recommend the annually held outdoor sculpture exhibition on Bondi Beach.

The city is home to numerous Australian Festivals, like the Sydney Film Festival, the Big Day Out (which is the country's largest street rock festival), The Gay and Lesbian Madrigals, and last but far not least, the Australian Fashion Week.

Besides all these cultural events and venues Sydney has plenty of parks and playgrounds, which are not only the favourites of little children and sport lovers, but families and friends often organise BBQ parties and picnics in the parks (and the beaches) as well.

Attractions and sights in Sydney

Presenting Sydney’s attractions in a few words is an impossible venture, but if we have to highlight a couple of them, the following should not be left out:

Sydney Opera House

When Sydney is mentioned, almost everybody thinks of the Opera House first. The building, which was opened in 1973, is not only the symbol of the city, but the whole country as well. The famous design imitates the sails of the ships in the harbour. It is worth seeing it from the inside as well: joining a guided tour or attending a performance are both unforgettable.

Harbour Bridge

This enormous bridge links the two sides of the bay and has a very important role in the life of the city: an incredible amount of traffic goes through it every day. One of the towers on the southern side of the bridge is a viewpoint as well. It gives an fascinating outlook on the Opera House and the whole city.

The Rocks

Hearing this name everyone expects huge cliffs, but nothing like that can be seen around here. The Rocks is the oldest part of the city, the first colonists had settled here. You will find cozy little streets, shops and restaurants here.

Royal Botanic Garden

On the shore of the bay, not far from the Opera House there is a vast garden, that creates an interesting contrast with the neighbouring skyscrapers. This park is perfect for relaxation, studying or social events. Besides its completely unique plant collection for decades the Royal Botanic Garden used to be home to the native gray-headed pteropus edulis, which is a fruit-eating bat species. There were times when an estimated 20 000 bats were living and sleeping in this park, but a few years ago they were evicted due to the damage they caused to the vegetation.

Darling Harbour

Darling Harbour is always bustling with life. During the day many tourists come here to enjoy the various restaurants and at night it is filled with a partying crowd.

Taronga Zoo

This must-see zoo is in an incredible environment and it offers such exciting programs like hand feeding kangaroos and koalas or listening to the keepers talk about the animals they care for.

Sydney Tower

It is Sydney’s tallest building. From the top floor you get the amazing view of the whole city and the zigzagging coastline.

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