As my first experience out of my country, choosing the StudenStay accommodation to live more than my 5 first months in Sydney was a good idea.

I met people from different countries with different cultures and that added a lot to me.



It was seven month since I’ve arrived in Sydney for studying English and I stayed in a Student Stay accommodation.
I’ll never forget the kindness of two Hungarian guys who helped and supported me since my first days and my lovely roommate.
The house was comfortable and peaceful, all services and facilities included and place well located. What is more, the Student Stay staff was friendly and really reliable.


Czech Republic

V Sydney jsem žil v pěkném domku s přátelskými spolubydlícími. V tomto domě jsem byl pouze 4 týdny, ale musím říct že v porovnání s jiným ubytováním z minulosti, si nemohu na nic stěžovat. Rád bych také poděkoval milé úřednici, která mi se vším pomohla. Pokud chceš sehnat nepříliš drahé ubytování, tak toto je příležitost. Hodně štěstí :)


Raquel - Yazmina


I recommend to anyone StudentStay contact. My friend and I have stayed for a month in one of his houses sharing accommodation with other students and have a very good standard and we have met people from other countries and coexistence has been fantastic. The agency also is very formal and the treatment was successful and good



This is my first time away from my Country and I can surely say that I feel like being at home. I’ve made the right decision choosing an accommodation with StudentStay Australia. They are very solicitous and provide everything in terms of support. Besides it, I’ve made great friends in the house. People from all around the World, what makes this experience even more interesting! I highly recommend StudentStay Australia!




My stay in one of the houses of StudentStay was great. I had the opportunity to know different and respectful people, the house had easy access to buses and stores, and hence I have nothing to complain about my stay. The employees are reliable, helpful and keep the houses comfortable and organized. I highly recommend StudentStay!