Jorge Humberto Garcia Espinola


Cuando llegue no sabia ni en donde estaba, tenia jetlag y no tenia ni idea a donde ir para comprar comida, pero la gente en la casa me ofrecio comida, hice buenas amistades. Me la pase muy bien aqui.

Te va a encantar Student Stay Australia asi como a mi



I've been in Sydney for the past 5 months, and in the last 4 months I've been living in a Student Stay house. In this house, I had the opportunity to know different people from different countries and different cultures, which was a very good experience. I made friends from Brazil, Venezuela, Italy, Hungary, etc.

Edwin - Juan Carlos


When we arrived to Sydney the first house where we lived was Arncliffe house of Student Stay Accommodation. There is, we lived 6 months in a comfortable house equipped with all that you need. Also I knew a kind person from Hungary that she was the Coordinator and she always helped us with everything in this house. Thank you Student Stay for help us and to do ours life easier in that big city.



Living abroad is an enriching experience, once it brings people in contact with new cultures. Spending an year in a shared housed allowed me to meet many interesting mates and to learn a lot with them. All that was possible because Student Stay is a very organized company with competent and helpful staff, which keeps the house running properly. If it is for a month, semester or even more, you can count on Student Stay.



When a friend of mine told me at the first time "Go to Australia" my first idea was: no way! It's too far ... However, and after too much persuasion and almost 3 months of consideration, I decided to leave everything I had and enter this unknown adventure, where I didn't know nobody! I went with a purpose in mind, study English and maybe do a Masters in my area.



There was my first time living by myself and the studentstay was the perfect choice to live this experience. The dedicated staff always ensure a good environment for all. Enjoy Australia, find a place with studentstay."