Student Stay Australia started as a joint venture amongst fellow overseas students who recognised the need for affordable accommodation and related services for people in need of temporary housing. Having experienced at first-hand the difficulties of obtaining good quality yet cheap housing, we set out to rectify this problem.

We provide temporary accommodation in Sydney for students & young professionals, from Australia & overseas, who seek a place within the close vicinity of the city that is stylish, friendly and affordable.

Having spent years being international students & living in share accommodation ourselves, we truly understand the needs of people who have little, or no established background in Sydney. For this reason we are committed not only to create a secure environment, but also to provide our tenants with the necessary information to cope with the many challenges of establishing themselves in a new city, and in many cases in a new country.

Student Stay Australia offers its clients a great time in friendly, cozy milieu, giving an opportunity to try the real OZ lifestyle.